About Us

Recent trends show that more and more entrepreneurs are now venturing into health food and drinks businesses. And this is where Eagle’sNest Food Products is committed  to provide among the health conscious consumers.

Eagle’s Nest business is involved in the manufacture and distribution of home made products such as ready to drink calamansi juice in addition to brownies and milkbars of different flavors and without preservatives which were all developed and formulated by food expert Marilou Obsioma – a Batch’93 BS Food Technology graduate of UP Los Banos.  

In 2009 she went to Canada to find a greener pasteur and waived her right of ownership to her brother Romeo R. Obsioma who was then the captain of the merchant ship that travels abroad.

But 2013 Romeo R. Obsioma got sick and he let her sister Liza Obsioma Pagara to oversee and administer the business. And it was then in 2014 that he died. 

In its few years of existence, Eagle’s Nest has already been able to provide the Cagayanons and Misamisnon with affordable delicious and healthy products and natural ready to drink alternatives.  Besides, the business  has been able to generate employment and extend its contributions to the country’s economy through taxes.

At present, Eagle’s Nest is trying to innovate and introduce a new product which is Calamansi concentrate with no preservatives. 

We envisioned to make our products available in supermarkets and hopefully go GLOBAL.

Eagles Nest Foods, speaks the language of stability and consistency